Happy Easter! 👪🐰
In my Sunday best ✨
Raddest kid I know!

Rolling Stone “Star Wars Goes On Vacation” photo shoot promoting “Return Of The Jedi” in 1983.

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Amy Winehouse in her early teens, taken from Amy My Daughter by Mitch Winehouse, published by HarperCollins ‘A thoughtful Amy, still in pink and with her heart symbol of course, at her school summer fete’

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I keep thinking oh man, I’m so immature. How am I allowed to be an adult.

Then I spend time with teenagers.

And it’s like, wow, okay, yeah. I am an adult. I am so adult. Look at me adulting all over the place.

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im glad i dont have a thigh gap i almost dropped my phone into the toilet but i caught it with thunder and lightning

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friday. ☀️